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Welcome to Brand Eternity.

Welcome to Brand Eternity, where we all about creating and building your brand even when you are not there through the use of Promotional Product and Merchandise.

We are Gaurav & Diksha founders of Brand Eternity, where we provide a unique mix of promotional gear from stress balls, USB, Office supplies etc that can carry your brand even when you are not there with a unique mix of edible promotional products like Custom Printed Chocolates, Confectionery, Cookies, Printed Macarons and specialising with custom printed packaging as well to make it all look as one.

Our Story….

Our journey in the promotional product started with our food printing business began when Diksha and I realized we wanted an exciting change in our lives. Always been passionate about creativity and innovation, we wanted to create something new (something that is unique and can relate to creating a brand image of ourselves to be precise) and further explore our skills. We love to do things differently and so we wanted something different and unique. Also with my background in Entertainment and Hospitality Industry it was always about the uniqueness that can be offered so people are mesmerised and love what they get like the Willy Wonka Chocolates. We decided to search for something better and literally spent months searching for a business that we could excel at. Then it struck us like a bolt of lightning! We discovered an incredible technology that could print chocolate. As I was full time in job and starting a business with no money is never easy. So we started our first venture of printing on chocolate under the brand “Chocolography Australia”, in partnership taking a huge loan which was challenging as it was a whole new concept. In order to establish a brand of ours we had the name “Chocolography Australia”, as brand travels and the company in US selling this Patented technology was called Chocolography, so we thought it will be easy to brand and market. But it was always difficult to explain what we do as the name does not clearly relate to what we did. As with businesses it’s not an easy ride always, however things did not turn out as it was supposed to be and we decided to dissolve the partnership and going solo, keeping the technology and the loan. And then the very first name that I kept for the business was “Chocolate Prints” and it was simple and self explanatory -printing on Chocolate and for our company it was“When you say it with chocolate, you’ve said it all.

Since we believe in what we had was unique, we decided to roll the Printing on Chocolate concept across the Leisure and Corporate market. Initial years were challenging and It was hard as I had to do a full time job plus couple of other jobs to manage the loan, business expenses for new business and at the same time marketing and growing the business.

Since we firmly believe that “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”, we went all heads in. After being in business and growing into the corporate market we realised that our forte is in offering unique and customised chocolates but it was a small part of what we initially wanted. In all honestly how we wanted to grow was not easy. So to be able to bring this concept of us more to life and offer our product to wider section of the market - we launched ourselves into Promotional Product Industry with our brand, “Branded Chocolates & Confectionery.” With VERY hard work, plenty of sleepless nights, our fair share of financial troubles and our two lovely children, we successfully grew the business to a substantially successful size. Branded Chocolates and Confectionery today is one of the leading suppliers of branded goods to the corporate promotional product industry in Australia and New Zealand. And since then we have launched ourselves into online retail for our customised range of Confectionery, Cookies and Macarons under our online retail brand“Amazeology Australia”.

The Start of Brand Eternity.

Being in the Edible Promotional Product Industry for last 6 years I realised that there is a lot more for us to offer for Branding to small and medium businesses and bigger corporations in promotional products industry.

Our limitation was always that we were caught into scope of Chocolates & Confectionery and were not being to convey our thoughts and opinions for branding and how important it can be to any business whether small or large.

I kind of missed that creative side of direct interaction with clients that I explored when i started with Chocolates Prints, where meeting with clients, knowing about their business, life journey, their aim, their struggle and working day in day out to establish and promote their brand with the most cost effective way and having a return on their marketing was a key component to them. It was challenging and inventing at the same time because I had to think outside the box to find ways of using chocolate and other food product more creatively to promote a company brand resulting us gradually entering into Promotional Product Industry.

For instance The idea for Custom Printed Macarons came to us via one of our lovely clients. Coming to us with a unique proposition borne from her own client’s request, one of our distributors asked if there was any way that we could brand our macarons with a special promotional logo. Intrigued and always up for a challenge, we decided to say yes to the request. We didn’t know what we were in for, but since we live by the standard that, ‘no matter what you have in mind, if you can conceive it, we can create it’ we didn’t back down and launched custom Printed Macarons to the promo industry and the same year we won award for the Most Innovative Product in Promo Industry.

In 2016 we won the Wyndham Business Award –Manufacturing Small and The Indian Executive Club –Micro Business Award for Branded Chocolates & Confectionery.

Since then we had business approaching us directly to assist in marketing campaigns and for their promotional products & merchandise leading into relaunching of Chocolate Prints ideology as “


Brand Eternity sole aim is

  1. To create a WOW experience for your brand.
  2. To assist any (small, medium or large) businesses to promote their brand through the use of most cost effective promotional products. 
  3. To be Innovative with your brand and concept to create more buzz for your brand and the target market. 
  4. Be a One stop shop for all your promotional and merchandise requirements 
  5. Provide Target oriented Promo Products for your market.
  6. Create ways with use of promo products to have better return on your marketing and advertising campaigns
  7. Be Different and Be Unique

And last but the most important is

“To have your Brand been talked and spoken about even when you are not their”.

Brand Eternity will be as close to my heart as Chocolate Prints, Branded Chocolates & Confectionery & Amazeology Australia because it is always more satisfying when you see other businesses and brand grows as you grow and especially if you have been a part of that process somewhere because people move but brand stays for now and ever.

Trying to work on Brand Eternity, while juggling between existing business demands here and overseas, 2 kids and the daily hustle bustle is challenging and you feel is it necessary? or can it be done? The self- doubt of restarting and finding time to do is challenging with times more often than we think however it is in UTMOST SATISFYING when you know that it is for the betterment of other businesses who are in the same boat as yours who would love their brand marketed and be known.